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Music Discovery Lab
With Jason Mullinax

In 2018 Gadget Lab met Music Discovery Lab and a partnership was quickly formed. Jason melds his love of music and science with our love of Gadgets to offer workshops in instrument making, music production and whatever else we come up with.  Below are our core MDL workshops but we often add one-offs as the inspiration strikes. 

Beats and Music Production
sumo tunes.png

In this crazy fun workshop, you'll learn the basics of electronic music production. Using online tools like SumoTunes and BandLab, you'l construct drum rhythms, bass lines, and melodies and then combine them into their very own songs.


It's a great introduction to the fundamentals of music composition as well as concepts like tempo and dynamics. No previous musical experience necessary and all skill levels are welcome.

Ages:  11 and Up

Screentime rating:  75%

Tech Resume Skills: Reading music notation, creating music beats, patterns and melodies. 

SpringZinger Lab

“Music Discovery Lab is an interactive workshop that offers students a unique opportunity to create and explore sound through guided experimentation in a fun and casual environment.


Drum instructor and veteran musician Jason Mullinax will discuss the properties of sound, demonstrate a variety of homemade percussion and electronic instruments and then will teach students how to build the instruments for themselves!


During this week-long course, students will make and take home an electrified spring box, a small DIY amplifier, plus the knowledge of how to play them in creative ways.

With a primary goal of unleashing creativity and fostering experimentation, Music Discovery Lab is appropriate for students of all musical backgrounds; no experience is necessary.”

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