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CodeHeads Advanced: Cigar Box Game Module

Note: If you're younger than 13 we highly recommend you take at least one other CodeHeads workshop before this one.

Make a 3 game module using an Arduino Microcontroller with  a prototype board to hold the circuits. This workshops has plenty of fabrication but the empahsis here is on the C++ coding language itself.

You'll dive deeper into all the coding topics covered in the Sampler and RC Robots workshops and will go a step further by learning about memory mangement and arrays.  You'll write and share your own code library with a keyword file that can include your name as a keyword or whatever you choose.

This workshop is great choice for a rising 8 or 9 grader who may want to take coding in high school.  All the key concepts will be covered here but without the homework.

Ages:  11 and Up

Screentime rating:  75%

Tech Resume Skills: Analog vs Digital Circuits, Inputs vs Outputs, Variables, Constants, Functions, Pulse Width Modulation, If -Then Statements, Recursive loops,  Use of Geared and Servo motors, fabrication

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