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CodeHeads Intermediate:

Circuit Sampler

Arduino Microcontroller with breadboard circuits
Sampler Tinkercad.png

Our coded circuit  sampler is a low stakes entry into Physical Computing.  We’ll write small programs that make lights flash, motors spin and take input values from distance sensors and remote controls.  By breaking down each topic into a separate program,  you’ll get a chance to learn important coding tools without the pressure completing a complex project.  This is the perfect gateway to our more advanced coding workshops – and it’s really fun!

This workshop offers a great introduction to microcontrollers and prototyping boards.  You’ll borrow ours for this workshop so the material fees are minimal.

Ages:  11 and Up

Screentime rating:  80%

Tech Resume Skills: Analog vs Digital Cicuits, Inputs vs Outputs, Variables vs Constants, Pulse Width Modulation, If -Then Statements, Circuit building on Prototyping Board, functions  and Recursive Loops

Arduino Microcontroller with breadboard circuits
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