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Circuits Circus

You know those cool hallway circuits where one switch turns on the hall light and the other turns it off - or back on? That's one of the many circuits you'll make this this fun hands-on workshop where you'll learn about the different switches and circuits that you use everyday.

You'll use through-hole soldering to make a mini keyboard, and splice various components to make a fun sampler of switches that show your mastery of different circuit building techniques.  You can use our circuit diagrams or design your own.

This project is based on the SwitchBox project from the book Snip, Burn, Solder Shred  by David Erik Nelson.  I highly recommend it for kids and adults!

Ages: 10 -14

Screentime Rating: None

Tech Resume Skills:  Circuit building, safe care and use of a soldering iron and heat gun, through-hole soldering, wire splicing, basic electron theory. You'll also gain a thorough understanding of the structure and use of electronic switches and components including resistors, capacitors and potentiometers. 

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