Gadget Lab Lending Library

I’m often asked for STEM related gift ideas for holidays and birthdays. I could make a lot of easy suggestions because there are so many cool learning kits available. The problem is, I know that two weeks later that gift is likely to go into the back of the closet where it will languish, like a misfit toy, waiting  for a chance to be useful.

That’s why I’m starting the Gadget Lab Lending Library of Gadgets. I have a closet of bought and inherited STEM kits and toys that are really fun and need to get out. Your family can borrow them for two weeks, enjoy them, learn from them, then give them back.  I’ll let them sit for three days between gigs so they don’t spread germs between households.

There’s a list below with a link to a product page that describes each kit or toy. Just send me an email with your name and contact information and I’ll put it out for you.  This is entirely free, I just ask that you be careful with the parts so the next kid isn’t frustrated by missing pieces.  My email address is:


Please let me know what you’d like to borrow. One last note, these are also fun and informative for adults – no kids required. 

Due to the enthusiastic demand for these, please limit your request to two items.


The Gadgets

Gears Gears Gears
 -: Out on Loan I have combined several kits in the box which includes two motors. These gears are really great for a family day of shared fun.  I suggest that a parent start out with the kids so they can show how the gears link together and how to use the motors.  Then back out and let them go at it.


Electric Plane Launcher: Out on Loan

Thames and Kosmos Solar Workshop :Out on Loan

Erector MultiModels = 3 Models : Available

Solar Rover Kit : Out on Loan

Thames and Kosmos Air Water and PowerOut on Loan

Snap Circuits Jr.: Out on Loan

Snap Circuits 300 : Out on Loan

Switch On : This is a cool retro version of Snap Circuits. Since they are no longer sold there is no product page. Available

Magnet Science :  Out on Loan – The original booklet is missing but I have a photo copy of the instructions which you can also find here. (You’ll need to zoom in, the type is small).

Green Science: Windmill Generator: Available

LinkB Robo: Out on Loan (This was the first robot I built!)

Thames and Cosmos Solar Workshop: Out on Loan

Salt Water Fueled DIY Vehicle Space Toy: Out on Loan. This has never been used. I’m assuming all the parts are present in the sealed bags.

Thames & Kosmos Electronics:  Out on Loan This is a great step up from Snap Circuits and prepares kids for the type of circuits we build here at the lab on prototype boards.