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Gadget Lab STEM Kit Giveaway

During the Covid shutdown Gadget Lab loaned various stem kits to local families. Since then, the Lab has grown but my space has not so I'm  giving away the kits hoping you and your kids will keep track of the parts and pass the kit on when you're done.  I'm putting them on my screened in porch at 9200 Bradford Rd., SS MD 20901.

Below is a list of what is available. If you previously borrowed a kit and still have iit, please pass it on so someone else can enjoy it.  I'll try to keep the list current but I can't make any promises. Feel free to email me at to confirm if a kit is still available.

The Gadgets

The last two giveaways available are older kits that appear to have their parts.  They're pretty cool.They look like something a kid would have in the sixties if they had an engineer in the family.

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