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About Gadget Lab


If you told me in 2013 that I’d have a collection of small engines, boxes of motors and a room full of electronic components I’d have thought you were nuts. Same goes for the table saw, the band saw and the dozen or so soldering irons.

But in 2013 I didn’t know about the Raspberry Pi micro controller and all the cool coding tools that were about to upturn the world of science education and give kids and adults access to tools that were once accessible only to engineers.

In 2014 I became aware of these developments and the more I learned, the deeper I wanted to go, right down to the level of electrons which make all of this possible.

Some of these new tools are great for kids but many require some helpful guidance and so I started Gadget Lab where we take advantage of new technologies but also dig deeper into ordinary objects – like why does that motor spin, how does a battery make electricity?  

My daughter made this meme.

We use a project based approach where we make things but also study how they work, where one project leads into another. For example, by the time you make a copper flashlight you know how the batteries make electricity and enough about circuitry to explain the unique circuit that powers the device.  You’ll know how the LED produces light and that a LED is actually a solar panel backwards. And you take home a great flashlight.

This website now refers to “we” instead of “I” because Gadget Lab has broadened in scope and collaborates with local talent to include music, art and instrument making so we can offer a range of STEAM learning opportunities taught by experts. 

Gadget Lab has also partnered with local non profits like Passion for Learning and Carpe Diem Art that allow us to bring our workshops to a broader audience through after school and summer school programming.

One of the greatest honors of this endeavor has been the families who come back year after year. I can’t even begin to thank them for their support and enthusiasm. 


Gadget Lab is relatively new but is such a part of me, it’s hard for me to remember my life without it. 

Karen Giacopuzzi, Founder and Owner

The Gadget Lab Address is:
9200 Bradford Rd.,
Silver Spring, MD 20901


Gadget Lab is in my home. For directions to the Lab, click here.

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