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I started Gadget Lab hoping to be part of a greater community of teachers, kids parents and hobbyists who share information, resources and a love of gadgetry.  I’ve been thrilled by the response of both Gadget Lab families and by local business owners who have heard about the Lab and have made customized materials for our projects or who have donated materials for free.  I am grateful to all of them and hope you’ll get a chance to meet them at the Lab or at their own establishments.


Precision Small Engines

For our first workshop we used a purchased Suzuki GS-750 engine. It was fun to look at but was too large for us to handle.   A better fit came with the two lawnmower engines donated by Gregory Hnarakis and Thomas Stokes, owners of Precision Small Engines of College Park Md.  Gregory and his staff graciously removed the engines, drained the fuel and loaded them into my car.  These engines were small enough to handle but large enough to give a great view of the engines’ starters and inner workings.  Better yet, Precision Small Engines has offered to donate old weed whacker engines for future workshops.  Their kindness will make a lot of kids happy and will help spread the news that engines are really fun!

9651 Baltimore Ave, College Park, MD 20740 
(301) 982-0900


Kinetic Artistry

When author Mary Amato went shopping for theatrical gels she mentioned the Lab’s first animated video project to Kinetic Artistry owner Eric Stelpler.   Eric was so excited about the workshop that he donated the gels to the project as a way of showing his support for local productions and kids.  We very much appreciate Eric’s generosity.  The gels he donated gave life and color to the video’s characters and scenery. You can see it for yourself right here: Octopoda Papyrus

7216 Carroll Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20912 
(301) 270-6666

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