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CodeHeads Advanced: Ridiculous RC Robots

Using a mini computer and hacked toys, you'll make a remote control robot from the ground up.  This is not a click together kit so each one is unique.  Your robots can self drive to avoid obstacles but will respond to the commands you send using an ordinary TV remote control. 

Once you get your robot working you'll add some personality by customizing your bot with art supplies and toy parts.  You'll learn key concepts typical of a first year high school or college coding class but without the homework and with a lot more fun.

Ages:11 and Up

Screentime rating:  40%

Tech Resume Skills: Analog vs Digital Circuits, Inputs vs Outputs, Variables, Constants, Functions, Pulse Width Modulation, If -Then Statements, Recursive loops,  Use of Geared and Servo motors, fabrication.

Note: We recommend taking at least one CodeHeads Prep workshop before this one. The Sampler is especially helpful. 

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