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Gadget Lab Shopping List

SainSmart Arduino Controller +Cable: Ebay SainSmart Arduino

UltraSonic Distance Sensor: Ebay UltraSonic

PIR MotionSensor: PIR Motion Sensor

BreadBoard – 400 Pt 830 pt And Wires: Breadboard Combo

10X 10mm Jumper Wires: From China but Cheap

10X 20mm Jumper Wires: Solid Deal Domestic

Photo Resistor X2: Ebay, domestic.

220 Ohm Resistor X10: Looks sturdy, color may vary

10K Ohm Resistor X5: Also look sturdy

5mm LEDs various Colors: Colored Bulbs

2X NPN Transistor: Generic, domestic

5mm Color Change LED: Clear Bulb, Long Pin

Small  Cheap Push Buttons: Ebay domestic

Tri-Color LED: Domestic, for bulk buy overseas

Tall Button: Ebay domestic

Buzzer: 10 pack, great price

Buzzer: 2 pack

OLED Display Domestic: eBay

OLED Display Hong Kong: eBay

Cheap Multi-meter: eBay

LED Assortment, 3mm and 5mm: ebay – educators who need to shop in bulk should buy larger amounts from overseas suppliers. You’ll have to wait a few weeks for delivery.  These suppliers come and go so look around ebay for them.

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