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Cigar Box  Ukuleles and Amps

Build a concert scale ukulele,  make an amplifier for it, learn to play it, write some songs, leave camp a musician.

Gadget Lab is thrilled to have acclaimed author, songwriter and expert Uke player Mary Amato  as a guest instructor for this awesome Ukulele making camp.

The Ukes are beautiful,  easy to play and make a great first stringed instrument. Mary and I will help the kids make their instruments while they learn to play and even write their own songs.

And that's not all.  The kids will also make a beautiful cigar box amplifier that they can use with their electric ukuleles or any electric uke or guitar.

Ages: 9 and Up

Screentime Rating: 10% (Songwriting)

Tech Resume Skills:  Safe care and use of a power drill, precise measuring, clamping and gluing. Ukulele playing and songwriting.

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