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Our workshops offer both skill building and opportunities for personal expression

Solder A Cookie

Find  Music In Everyday Objects

Make A Ukulele

Design A T-Shirt

Make a statement

Take Something Apart

   What We Teach

Gadget Lab operates under the premise that our homes are a laboratory of joy and learning. While we sometimes use 3D printers and computers, our main goal is to find the magic in ordinary things, then tear them apart and see how they work. Our workshops are divided into three primary categories:  GadgetHeads, CodeHeads, Arts and Design.  Short format workshops offer a variety of  one  or two day workshops on various topics. 

Our core  workshop series are listed below but we add other topics when we find a great instructor with something to share.

All workshops have a "Screentime" rating and include a list of the skills for a Tech Resume where kids keep track of what they've learned. They can use this resume  for summer job applications or for bragging to the relatives.  Go to our What We Teach page for a description of each workshop.


Instructor, Owner
Circuits, Engineering

"I could not have been happier with GadgetLab. My 8 year old son was excited to go to each session and came back happy and thoroughly engaged with each new project they made. A+"

— Wendy Spillane, Parent

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