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Life on Mars, a Peep into the Future

The kids of Gadget Lab have been busy.  In just a few weeks they designed and created a Smart House for Peeps living on Mars.  Their diorama is called, “Life on Mars: A Peep into the Future”.

There’s grocery delivery by robotic truck.  There is also a working elevator, a ceiling fan, a street light, an electric toothbrush and a fish that swims.  Below is a media presentation made by a student.

The kids worked hard on this house and I was thrilled by how well they operated as a team and without drama or unseemly behavior.  We were housebound due to the snow and worked crowded conditions but that didn’t damper their energy or their enthusiasm for the project.  I could not have been more proud of their work ethic or of the results.

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Gadget Lab Online is coming soon with online workshops for all ages and a low-cost lending library of sterilized Gadgets.  I’m working on it and will be back next week with details.  In the meantime,


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