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The Kindness of Strangers


The central character is the Rennsteig MultiStrip 10. It is the most expensive tool I own and is worth every dime. It saved my hand from a painful repetitive motion injury but after cutting thousands of wires the blade began to dull and I was crushed when I couldn’t find a replacement.

The tool is made in Germany so I contacted Mirko Reffke, Rennsteig’s VP in the US, with low expectations that a small business like mine would catch his attention. I was surprised by his quick reply that he’d try to help but bigger surprises were yet to come.

Two days later there was a knock on my door by a lovely, smiling woman with her three year old son. She introduced 


Better yet, their timing was perfect I had just received a shipment of tiny vibration motors and


After perusing my website, Mirko offered to have Rennsteig underwrite a scholarship for a girl to attend a week of Gadget Girl summer camp here at the Lab. This kindness of strangers has left me smiling for over a month now, and the best part of all is they are no longer strangers.

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Gadget Lab Online is coming soon with online workshops for all ages and a low-cost lending library of sterilized Gadgets.  I’m working on it and will be back next week with details.  In the meantime,


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