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(My sassy daughter made this meme about me.)

My love of motors is a running joke in the family.  Just last week I pulled a lipstick out of my handbag which actually turned out to be a small DC motor.

But motors are more than lipstick impersonators. If you’ve seen the latest Mad Max, you know that mastery of motors will be required for survival in the upcoming dystopia.

You’ll need a motor for pumping water from deep within in the ground. And you’ll need a motor for running the retractable saws that puncture tires and create other mayhem. That was the best part of the movie for me. The Gadgets.


The water system, hydroponic farm and outlandish vehicles made from old cars and discarded junk were like landfill come to life. A land of the living dead but zombie appliances instead of zombie humans. I’m not suggesting that success in the future means survival in a desert wasteland. But I’m convinced it will require original thinking and resourcefulness. A working knowledge of  motors won’t hurt. Combine that with some engine smarts and you could be Mad Max’s next boss.

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Gadget Lab Online is coming soon with online workshops for all ages and a low-cost lending library of sterilized Gadgets.  I’m working on it and will be back next week with details.  In the meantime,


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